Most people say they wish to spend their final days in their homes. However, recent study  from the Stanford School of Medicine shows a different reality:

  • Nearly 80% of Americans would prefer to die at home. 
  • In reality, 60% of Americans die in acute care hospitals, 20% in nursing homes and only 20% at home.

A health care Power of Attorney (POA) allows you to choose  who can make your health care decisions when you are unable and in accordance with your wishes. Making this decision when you can clearly articulate your desires is critical.

A financial POA ensures that you have those you trust to manage your finances/legal affairs when necessary. Otherwise, your family may have no access to manage your affairs during incapacity.

While POAs do not replace thoughtful estate planning, they help ensure that your “golden years” are not chaos. Otherwise,  a guardianship action must be filed.

Attorney Catherine La Fleur