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Experienced Civil Litigation Attorneys in Waukesha & Sussex, WI

La Fleur Law opened our second location near Waukesha, WI in August of 2019. Since 2008, La Fleur Law has been a certified woman-owned business through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Our attorneys have over 60 years of combined experience and have handled a wide variety of cases. We encourage all of our clients to do their research when searching for a family law attorney. Read more about our experienced attorneys and about our firm.

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“Catherine La Fleur is realistic and professional. She took my case in 2013. She helped me get in touch with local resources. She has a sense of foresight. She guided me through the healing process of an extremely sensitive divorce. She was honest and easy to communicate with. If I didn’t understand something; she explained it in the kindest of ways. She helped me look out for my child’s best interest, and we succeeded in doing so 02/05/2015. She will take your challenge! Accepting her guidance is worth every penny! Her results are worth the work and the wait!”

– Kari Z.

Skilled Civil Litigators in Waukesha & Sussex, WI

Our law firm office offers representation in the following practice areas:

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is used to resolve legal disputes between individuals or businesses that do not involve criminal charges or penalties, such as personal injury cases, business disputes, real estate misrepresentation, contract disputes, probate litigation, and more.


Family Law

Family law focuses on issues involving family relationships includes divorce, collaborative divorce, post-judgment issues, custody, placement, restraining orders, mediation and marital property agreements.


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

ADR involves alternative legal processes such as mediation and arbitration that allow for settlement outside of court, typically saving both parties time and money. 

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Appellate Law

If a client does not prevail at the circuit court level, we can analyze the circuit court case to determine if there is a basis to file an appeal with an appellate court to have the decision reviewed.


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