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Sean La Fleur


Sean La Fleur is a social worker who is bringing his skills of compassion and analysis to his paralegal work at the firm. Sean has a bachelor’s of social work from UWM, graduating in 2016, and has worked in multiple roles for Milwaukee County social service agencies. Sean is joining the firm while taking a break from pursuing his master’s degree in social work at UWM, and is looking forward to new experiences in a new field. Sean enjoys being able to use the skills he learned as a social worker when reaching out to potential new clients, and using those skills of empathy, compassion, and active listening while talking with someone who is in the difficult position of needing to find an attorney.

In his spare time, Sean enjoys reading a good book, finding new ski hills to explore, going to Bucks games, or hanging out with friends and enjoying the night life of the Upper East Side, the neighborhood he currently calls home. Sean joined La Fleur Law in June 2023.

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