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Municipal law is one of the most expansive areas of legal practice. In general, it can cover any area of law that a local government might find itself involved in. Attorneys practicing municipal law can advise and represent officials and organizations at different levels of government including public entities, public officials, and employees. Some attorneys will also represent private entities and citizens against municipalities. Common types of legal work involve advising officials on open meetings and open records laws, drafting ordinances, reviewing and drafting contracts, ordinance enforcement, general counseling, and so much more. 

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Records, Meetings, Ordinances and Actions

Contracts and Purchasing

Municipal Prosecutor Services

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Public Records Law




Citation Prosecution


Risk Management


Open Meetings Law


Intermunicipal Agreements


Ordinance Enforcement


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Wide Variety of Regulatory and Constitutional Issues


Ordinances - Review, Drafting and Re-codification


Bids and Specifications


Notice, Publication, Enforcement and Constitutional Standards



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