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Depending on the specifics of your case, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) may be an option to pursue. Arbitration and mediation are alternative legal processes that provide for settlement outside of court — typically saving both parties time and money.  Additionally, focus groups/summary jury trials are an excellent way to test your civil litigation case prior to trial.

Arbitration is a form of ADR in which an agreed-upon panel of arbitrators is selected to determine the results of a dispute between parties. Arguments, evidence and any relevant information is presented to the panel who then issues a binding decision.

Mediation is a form of ADR, where the parties and their attorneys work with a mutually selected mediator to resolve their dispute. Mediation can be done in person or via video conferencing. La Fleur Law will take the appropriate action required to achieve the best possible outcomes for your unique needs.  For cases valued at less than $25,000, attorney La Fleur will mediate for a flat fee of $500 for four hours.

Focus groups/summary jury trials test your case by presenting key evidence and arguments to an empaneled “jury” who views the evidence and argument, later discussing the presentation while we and the client observe electronically in a separate room. 

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